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Product Details


Product Name: HDD

Product Properties: Heavy Duty Degreaser
Power Cleaner and Solvent Based Degreaser
Product Number: AS-11170

Basic cleaner with strong solving properties and intensive cleaning power, removes tenacious dirty stains and coating residues. Efficiently dissolves and emulsifies oil and gears contaminations of any kind. Low foaming and also can be used for intermediate and cleaning of buildings.

Range of Application:
For basic cleaning of all alkali-proof and water-resistance types of floor covering, natural and artificial stone, waxes, films, oils, carbon, greases.

Use Instructions:
For cleaning general grease and all alkali-proof floors: add 0.5 2.5 L of cleaner to 8.0 L of water, depending on the degree of soiling and floor type. Apply with a mop, sponge or cloth. Allow 5 minutes contact before cleaning and rinsing off with hot water.

For cleaning heavy greaser: add 400 ml of cleaner per 4 L of water. Apply with a mop, sponge or cloth. Allow 5 minutes contact before cleaning and rinsing off with hot water.
For machine and motor cleaning: add 100 500 ml of cleaner per litre of water.

For HP machines or car washing plants: add 35 ml of cleaner per litre of water, depending on the type of application use scrubbing brush or single-disc machine to distribute cleaner on the floor, allow for 5 10 minutes to react , scrub or process with single disc machine, wipe off cleaner bath and rinse with sufficient water.

Technical Data:
Appearance: clear pink liquid with lemon
Density @ 20C: 1.02 1.03 g/cm3
pH-value @ 25C: 11 - 12
Ignition Point: C o

Safe Handling:
In even of eye contact; rinse thoroughly with water, Consult a specialist
Keep out of reach of children

Storage Information:
Store in closed container, dry and cool place
Do not mix with any other chemicals.

Packing Sizes:
Plastic bottle (HDPE): 4 L
Carton box containing: 4 X 4 L
Gross weight of carton: 17 Kgs

This product is a separate MSDS only for professional users / Specialists.


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