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Product Details


Product Name: GLASS

Product Properties:

Product Number: AS-11190

A classic crystallization product, though a definitive clear-salt, new glaze appears the stone is hardened and the wear is transferred to the hardened surface crystal. Now with extra slip resistance

Range of Application:
Especially difficult and soft stone situations and marble

Use Instructions:
Floor must be absolutely clean and free of soils, dirt, finishes etc, Place a #0 or #1 steel wool pad under machine and weight machine up to 60 kgs. Spray GLASS from trigger sprayer and work 3' x 3' sections at a time. 3 or 4 applications may be required to obtain the required result. Work GLASS into the floor and then polish from side to side. Do next area. Work area until required polish results and floor is slightly tacky to walk on. Areas not reached with machine may be worked by hand pad.

MAINTENANCE: Dust mops regularly and maintain with ASIA MARBLE CLEANER. Re-GLASS as required

Technical Data:
Appearance: Past blue liquid
Density @ 20C: 1.1 1.2 g/cm3
pH-value @ 25C: 1.5

Safe Handling:
Harmful if swallowed or inhaled. May cause burns which may not be immediately painful or visible
In event of eye contact; rinse thoroughly with water, Consult a specialist
Drink large amounts of water, egg whites or mineral oil to follow Remove person to fresh air; and, if unconscious, call physician.
Keep out of reach of children

Storage Information:
Store in closed container away from extreme temperatures

Packing Sizes:
Plastic bottle (HDPE): 4 L
Carton box containing: 4 X 4 L
Gross weight of carton: 18.5 Kgs

This product has a separate MSDS only for professional users / Specialists.


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