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Product Details


Product Name: MIRROX

Product Properties: Glass Cleaner & Shiny

Product Code: AS-11030


Mirrox is glass cleaner, tough grease and greasy dirt.

Range of Application:
Mirrox for windows, mirrors, glass table tops, formic, stainless steel and chrome surface, aluminum, television screens.

Use Instructions:
Spray directly on the surface, wipe with a clean and dry cloth, and ensure that the surface is wiped completely, including corners and edges.

Technical Data:
Appearance: Clear blue liquid
Density @ 20C: 0.96 0.98 g/cm3
pH-value @ 25C: 7.0 10.0

Safe Handling:
In event of eye contact; rinse thoroughly with water, Consult a specialist, if symptoms persist.
Keep out of reach of children
Switch of electricity before cleaning

Storage Information:
Store in closed container, extreme temperature

Packing Sizes:
Plastic bottle (PET): 500 ml
Carton containing: 12 X 500 ml
Gross weight of carton: 7.5 Kgs
Plastic bottle (PET): 650 ml
Carton box containing: 12 X 650 ml
Gross weight of carton: 8.5 Kgs
Plastic bottle (HDPE): 4 L
Carton box containing: 4 X 4 L
Gross weight of carton: 17 Kgs

This product is a separate MSDS only for professional users / Specialists.



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