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Product Details


Product Name: POWERSOLV

Product Properties: Power Cleaner and Heavy duty Safety Solvent
Product Number: AS-11140

Basic cleaner with strong solving properties and intensive cleaning power, removes tenacious dirty stains and coating residues. Efficiently dissolves and emulsifies oil and gears contaminations of any kind. Low foaming and also can be used for intermediate and cleaning of buildings.

Range of Application:
Use for cleaning grease, oil, scum, inks, wax, dirt and soil from floors, printing presses, lathes, milling machines, white wall tires, grinders, walls, kitchen ranges, shower stalls, coolant machine systems, air filters, bowling pins, boat bilge systems and many others.

Use Instructions:
For removing grease, inks and heavy deposits, dilute 1 part POWERSOLV with up to 3 parts water (1:3) For cleaning white sidewall tires dilute with equal parts of water. Spray on - allow setting for a few minutes and hosing off with water.

Technical Data:
Appearance: Clear pink liquid
Density @ 20C: 1.02 1.03 g/cm3
pH-value @ 25C: 11
Ignition Point: C o

Safe Handling:
In event of eye contact; rinse thoroughly with water, Consult a specialist
This solution can cause etching of glass, and should be rinsed off within a very short time after contact. Due to the efficient oil and grease removing properties, rubber gloves should be worn when prolonged skin contact is expected. Certain automotive finishes may be harmed by this product. Pre-test on an inconspicuous area before using on automotive finishes
Keep out of reach of children

Storage Information:
Store in closed container, dry and cool place
Do not mix with any other chemicals.

Packing Sizes:
Plastic bottle (PE): 4 L
Carton box containing: 4 X 4 L
Gross weight of carton: 17 Kgs

This product is a separate MSDS only for professional users / Specialists.


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