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Product Details


Product Name: STONE STRIP

Product Properties: Concentrated Wax Striper &
Heavy Duty Cleaner

Product Number: AS-11060

Heavy duty cleaner to penetrate and soften old hard wax finishes and seals as well as finish films and residues, these are emulsified to a liquid, simply scrubbed off and rinsed away with water

Range of Application:
Especially designed for use on marble, terrazzo, mosaic, ceramic and other types of stone floors

Use Instructions:
STONESTRIP mixed 1 part with up to 10 Parts (1:10) with hot water depending on the severity of the stripping or cleaning problem encountered. Do a small sample at different solution ratios first to determine the best strength. Allow up to 5 minutes of soak time. Scrub with brushes or aggressive pads on a rotary machine. A second application may be required. Rinse well with clean water and wet vacuum dry.

Technical Data:
Appearance: Clear urine liquid
Odour: Ammonia
Density @ 20C: 1.04 g/cm3
pH-value @ 25C: 12

Safe Handling:
In event of eye contact; rinse thoroughly with water, Consult a specialist
Keep out of reach of children

Storage Information:
Store in closed container away from extreme temperatures Do not mix with any other chemicals.
Keep container sealed when not in use

Packing Sizes:
Plastic bottle (HDPE): 4 L
Carton box containing: 4 X 4 L
Gross weight of carton: 18 Kgs

This product is a separate MSDS only for professional users / Specialists.


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